Mia Love defends Donald Trump

Mia Love defends Donald Trump

Mia Love Defends the Trump Agenda

She votes with Trump 95.6% of the time

Unlike her constituents in Utah's 4th Congressional District, Mia Love has been an ardent supporter and virtual rubber stamp for Donald Trump in Congress. Trump can count on her support for:

medicare form

Mia Love defends slashing Medicare & Medicaid

Raising costs for millions of middle-class families

Mia Love voted for Trump's plan to slash more than 30% of the funding from Medicaid, a program used primarily by children, the disabled, and the elderly. These cuts would affect 40% of all children and millions of middle-class families who rely on Medicaid.

Mia Love defends
Family Separations at the Border

Family separations at the border

Congressional Republicans, in charge of both the House and Senate, failed to hold Donald Trump accountable for this horrific policy. Mia Love hid behind a compromise piece of legislation that claimed to end the policy, but in fact did nothing to end it. And even that toothless compromise failed to pass!

Utahns overwhelmingly oppose this policy. Why doesn't Mia Love?

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Mia Love defends the Tax Scam

It was just a handout to wealthy corporate donors

wages falling after tax cut

Mia Love claims the tax cuts she voted for last year were for "working Utahns." Unfortunately, the results show workers have seen wages drop while wealthy stock holders have made $700 BILLION in stock buybacks.

These cuts will raise the federal deficit by $1 TRILLION next year!

What ever happened to "fiscal responsibility"?

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Sign a Letter to Mia Love

Let Mia Love know that you want her to represent Utah Values in Congress, not just defend Donald Trump's agenda.

To: Mia Love

Re: Standing up for Utah Values

We sent you to Congress to represent Utah Values. You should stand up for us, not Donald Trump. We are concerned that you care more about defending the Trump Agenda than supporting your constituents and our values.


Concerned Utahns

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Donald Trump and Paul Manafort

Mia Love defends Trump's Culture of Corruption

And participates in it herself!

Donald Trump's Campaign Manager, Personal Attorney, National Security Advisor, Deputy Campaign Manager, and Foreign Policy Advisor have all been charged with felonies.

His personal attorney admitted in court that he made an illegal payment to a porn star to keep her affair with Trump quiet, and Trump knew about the payment!

Leaked documents show Congressional Republicans know about the corruption that they should be investigating, but don't, in order to defend Trump's Culture of Corruption.

Mia Love is participating in the corruption herself. CNN revealed that the Love campaign has raised over $1 MILLION in illegal campain contributions!

These are NOT the Utah Values we sent Mia Love to Washington to represent!

Spread the word:
Mia Love defends Donald Trump

She cares more about defending the Trump Agenda than her Utah Values

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